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Customs clearance

Let United Atlanta take care of your clearances!

Own professional clearance team

United Atlanta has a professional clearance team, who ensure that our customers use as few resources as possible on clearance. The team handles clearances for all China ports. For other countries, United Atlanta use local professional customs brokers.

As experts in customs clearance, we ensure you better liquidity and less trouble. We work in close dialogue with our customers, giving us the most optimal conditions for choosing the right tariffs and the optimal calculation forms, ensuring the best solutions and combinations.

Ensuring correct classification

Our expertise covers areas such as plain purchases, inward processing, outward processing, preferential customs, customs warehousing and returns & repair.

Based on our customers' product descriptions and our expertise, you are sure to get the correct tariff number for new as well as existing products. We follow the trends closely in regards to product codes, tariffs and trade regulations of anti-dumping - and we offer you the best solutions whenever an opportunity arises.

Wrong classification might mean you pay more than necessary or pay too little and risk delays and fines.