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Ocean Freight
Our ocean freight services

Just give us your instruction, you will get the solution or options for your sea freight delivery. 
And we will do the jobs for you. 

◎ Project & Personalized Services
◎ Real time Cargo Track & Trace
◎ Sea Service Guide  
◎ Warehousing 
◎ Vessel charter service
◎ Cargo Insurance 
◎ Scheduling & Booking
◎ Packing & Labeling
◎ Consolidation / deconsolidation
◎ Import and Export documentation Handing
◎ Flexible Pick-up & delivery options
◎ Oversized cargo Handling
◎ Customs Brokerage

Our strength

  • Integrated service platform
  • Solution or options
  • Quick & smooth communication
  • Guaranteed service quality

We’re connecting with dozens of air liners, warehouses, trucking teams, brokers, booking agents. And with the help of our operation system and efficient communication tools, we’re very quick in response to our clients’ demands, including rate inquiry, shipping schedule, space confirmation, customs clearance, track & trace and etc.

We study the services and freight rates from different air liners. We choose the proper solution from several options based on our consideration in service route, transit time, cost, cargo ready date, the attributes of commodity and its package, service lead time, peak or slack season and many other factors. Our solution & options help you save money as well as make sure of smooth & timely delivery.

Understanding that air freight is quite time sensitive, we keep close contact with the clients and service providers. We make sure all information can be retrieved on real time basis and passed to the clients without any delay or mistake. To achieve that, 
A “communication group” will be set up for immediate and constant information exchange. 
A pre-alert for possible problems & timing is notified with suggested solutions.
A report on every key point of air freight processing shall be provided on request.
A full set of document formats are provided in advance.

We’re dedicate ourselves to provide safe, timely, cost effective services to our clients. Our experts and well-trained air freight staff are the guarantee on service quality. Meanwhile we’re always renewing our platform with the developing air freight market to remain ourselves competitive.

Service coverage in China major sea ports