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Liner Agency

Our Services

Liner Agency
We offer liners with a seamless and fully integrated set of services through various ports and inland locations within the China.
The services include:

Sales & marketing

● We have highly experienced sales teams with excellent contacts and cargo connections in our territory. 

● We are applicable for liner companies looking to expand their services in China.


● Our local teams ensure that document is submitted and processed in line with international guidelines and local regulations.

Customer care

● Customers will have local points of contact that can handle any grievances as well as any queries about the liner service and cargo.

Vessel operations

● We have dedicated ships operation teams who could take good care for smooth inward and outward clearance of vessels as well as cargo and vessel operations during port stay.

Equipment Control

● Our EQ teams can monitor/follow up container activities in our territory, could provide ongoing equipment reports showing location and status.


● Our Finance departments would ensure the highest attention for credit control and timely payment of disbursements.